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Fast File Renamer 2.0

Fast File Renamer is a free utility to batch-rename files
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Fast File Renamer is a free utility to batch-rename files. You can use this program to apply any mask you want to a group of files. This can be useful when you need to organize a large collection of files that you keep in a folder, such as mp3 or photo files. Fast File Renamer will also allow you to replace a part of the name of each file, with any pattern you want. In order to ensure that any change will not result in a mess, you can simulate the file renaming to see the results before actually renaming the files.

The program also allows you to delete parts of the name of the files, without replacing the pattern. It is also possible to add any pattern you want, in any position of the file name.

You can also perform copies of a file name, paste file names from the clipboard, sort the files by file name, path, or reversed file name or path.

Fast File Renamer can be configured to keep the count of files renamed, and you can choose to store your setting in your Windows local settings default folder or in the same folder used by the program itself, for portability purposes.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It lets you apply any change to the file names, very easy and fast


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